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 Need a domain name?
For $9.99/yr or less for most names!


                 Why MBayWeb?
    First, our state-of-the-art, competitively-priced website products (we sell the same great technology GoDaddy.com® does, along with other innovative, value-added products and services). We also provide matchless in-person, 24/7 telephonic, and Skype-screen-share support and training. In short, we make it our business to make certain you and your business are getting the most out of the technology you purchase from us. 

   Additionally, MBayWeb is an NJFP (A what?!)--a Not Just For Profit company. When you use our products and services, you help to make a difference, as an important part of MBayWeb's mission is to support non-profit organizations in our communities with pro bono hosting, web design, webmaster support, and/or training.

   Are you a non-profit (or know of a non-profit) that could use website support?
  Contact us!  Our current non-profit web-support project is TrueStoryTour.org (pro bono web design, webmaster support).  Visit them!

Customize, create, and learn at Natural Echo Studios!  
Natural Echo Studios is the creative solutions division of MBayWeb. Here you'll find unique web products, production, publishing, and webmaster services, and training, too. You'll also find the amazing works of musicians, artists, and authors who pursue their crafts at Natural Echo Studios!

Did you know that each MBayWeb domain name comes with 8 free services? Check them out! 

State-of-the-art Website Solutions and Training... You.  Mastering the web.

 Prefer to DIY?
  MBayWeb makes DIY-ing a professional online presence a cinch--not to mention, incredibly cost effective!  Access our wide array of powerful website creation tools via the menu bar above and begin creating like the pros in minutes! Sound interesting? 
Check out our integratable trio of cloud-based design technologies -- Website Builder®, Quick Blogcast®, and Quick Shopping Cart®. We think you'll agree, they're awesome!  

* Visit a Website Builder + Quick Blogcast site we built!
* Visit a Quick Shopping Cart site we built!

You're not in it by yourself, even if you DIY!  MBayWeb is all about learning. Should you want to be quickly walked through something, or if you encounter technical problems of any sort, just dial (831) 241-5456, any time of the day or night!  Our support staff is awesome, and they're there to help. Learn more.  

personalized and ongoing feedback and training?
  Then request a dedicated web coach from our Natural Echo Studios division, who will work with you online or in person (if in the Monterey Bay area) monthly, weekly, or even daily as you create your web project or business!

 Rather have us handle things?  No problem!  We can do some of the work for you, or all of it!   Click here for our full-service Dream Website Team, or request our Natural Echo Studios 'a la carte webmaster services.  And if these options still leave you too busy, well, then, shoot us an email and tell us to "do everything!"